Do Credit Monitoring Services Prevent Identity Theft?

What is Credit Monitoring?  How Does it Work?

Companies that provide credit monitoring services use proprietary software to monitor key 318-64591points of your personal information including your credit reports, social security number, bank accounts, credit cards, as well as, medical records and more.  By tracking this information on a daily basis, the monitoring company is able to detect changes with your accounts or credit reports and if any activity is deemed to be suspicious in nature, you receive an alert so you are able to investigate the cause and resolve the issue quickly.  These changes can include newly opened lines of credit, applications for home or auto loans or changes to your address or other personal information.

Will I Be 100% Safe From Identity Theft?

One of the popular misconceptions surrounding credit monitoring services is that they are able to prevent identity theft from occurring.  This is simply 2459737-278759-vector-icon-of-closed-lock-all-layers-are-groupedfalse.  There is no true way to completely prevent identity theft and because of this you will rarely find any respected monitoring company claiming they can completely prevent your identity from falling into the wrong hands.  However, most credit monitoring services are pro-active in nature. Meaning, they also include features such as password & keystroke encryption software as well as stopping pre-approved credit card offers you receive in the mail and helping prevent unwanted telemarketing calls.  These are all potential avenues in which your identity can be stolen.  Combine these tactics with constant monitoring of your social security number, bank accounts and personal information, and you’ve got a solid foundation for keeping your identity safe from any potential threats.

Which Credit Monitoring Services Are Reputable?

As a cyber-security & identity theft protection expert, I can personally recommend 3 companies which are worth considering for your credit monitoring solutions.  They’ve been in business for many years, offer comprehensive plans that cover all aspects of identity protection and have price points that will fit most budgets.  They also have top rated customer service departments, so if you do become an identity theft victim, you have someone who will be there to help, 24/7.  Here’s the 3 best credit monitoring services on the market today.


Untitled-2 is one of the absolute best monitoring solutions on the market today. They are a recipient of the Javelin Strategy & Research Best in Class Theft Prevention award, which annually recognizes the highest quality identity theft prevention services.  I personally like Identity Guard because it’s features are comparable to more expensive services and they have outstanding customer support and victim assistance.  And on top of all that, their monthly fee is one of the lowest.  Here’s a list of the features included with Identity Guard protection plans.

  • 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • 3 Bureau Credit Report
  • Quarterly Credit Score Updates
  • 3 Bureau Credit Analysis
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • ID Verification Alerting
  • Identity Theft Loss Insurance
  • Social Security Number Monitoring
  • Computer Protection Software with Keystroke Encryption
  • Personal Recovery Assistance

Cost:  Free 30 day trial to test out the Identity Guard service.  $19.99 / month for the Total Protection® Plan

Website:  Click here to visit


lifelockultimateLifeLock is one of the most well known credit & identity monitoring companies in the United States.  They’ve been in business since 2005 and have become a trusted service for families and individuals who want a comprehensive monitoring plan at an affordable monthly price.  LifeLock recently added some new features to it’s most popular Ultimate Plus ™  plan, including Data Breach Notifications, Credit Card, Checking and Savings Account Activity Alerts & Investment Account Alerting. Although the monthly price is a bit higher, you’re not going to find a more inclusive credit monitoring plan from any other company. Here are just a few of the features included in the Ultimate Plus package.

  • Fictitious Identity Monitoring
  • Address Change Verification
  • Court Record Scanning
  • Credit Inquiry Activity
  • File-Sharing Network Monitoring
  • Checking & Savings Account Alerts
  • Black Market Website Surveillance
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Data Breach Notifications (NEW)
  • $1 Million Total Service Guarantee

Cost:  Free 30 Day Trial.  Lifelock Standard™: $9.99/month.  LifeLock Advantage™: $19.99/month.  LifeLock Ultimate Plus™: $29.99/month.

Website:  Click here to visit

3. TransUnion Credit Monitoring

trans union credit monitoringTransUnion is one of the 3 national credit reporting bureaus and has been in business for over 40 years.  Their credit monitoring service & identity protection plans are offer a selection of powerful tools to help take control of your credit reports and credit health by allowing you to track your credit score whenever you want.  Included in the TrueIdentity™ credit protection plans are instant alerts; emailed in the event TransUnion detects new credit applications in your name, plus up to $1 million dollars in identity theft insurance to help get you on the road to recovery if your identity is stolen.   The trust of knowing you have id theft protection with a national credit bureaus makes this a quality service that’s worth checking out.

  • TransUnion Credit Report Monitoring
  • Unlimited TransUnion Credit Reports
  • Social Security Number Monitoring
  • Automatic Fraud Alerts
  • Identity Monitoring Alerts
  • ID Theft Insurance
  • Victim Assistance Support
  • Court Record Scanning

Cost: 7 Day free credit monitoring trial.  $9.95/month.

Website:  Visit to learn more about TrueIdentity™ credit monitoring.

Identity Theft Isn’t Going Away

There’s a case of identity theft every 3 seconds in the United States.  It’s projected that there will be over 14 million total cases in 2014 alone.  Causing nearly $25 billion dollars in damage to individuals and companies.  Now that you know the severity of the problem, it’s time to start taking immediate steps to secure your identity from theft & fraud.  Signing up for the best credit monitoring service you can fit into your monthly budget is one of the most important actions you can take. Along with other day to day changes such as creating stronger online passwords, shredding documents with sensitive information, not sharing personal information via phone & email, and having a secure mailbox.  I hope that the information I’ve posted here has helped you become more aware of the severity of identity theft and educated you about the steps you can take to protect your identity in the future.